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Our Port Stephens Representative Girls


A big congratulations to the following girls:-

11 Years Development Squad:

Emilia Beasley

Maddie Beninga

Jocelyn Brady

Hayley Endresz

Lily Foster

Holly Kennedy

Madeleine Lilly

Annikah McGrath

Skye Mchugh

Isabella Middleton

Tiala Morrison

Keeley Taggart

Emma Wilkins

12 Years State Age:

Annaliese Everingham

Yasmine Mackie

Amalie McGarry

Georgia Sloane

Abbey Smith

Jacqueline Smith

Trinity Spelt

13 Years State Age:

Alice Garrett

Grace Gray

Angelina McGrath

14 Years State Age:

Luka Archer

Chelsea Blair

Mia Chrimes

Keely Edwards

Abbey-Rose Everingham

Kiara Mackersey

Sierra Nowlan

15 Years State Age:

Tanisha McGrath


Rachel deRidder

Apologies if anyone has been missed please let us know and we can update.

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