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Active Kids

“Activekids Vouchers” for all registered school aged registrations from kindergarten to year 12.


Active kids NSW Vouchers The Active Kids Program is available. They will be available after 1 January by logging into Services NSW website. The parent will need key identity documents (example Medicare card) with them during the online process and will be provided with a voucher number to use as part of their myNetball registration.Please note more detailed instructions will be provided by Services NSW / Netball NSW towards the end of this calendar year sad training material becomes available. What happens if my registration fee is below the $100 Active Kids voucher. If the registration fee is below and including $100 then your registration for netball in that year is covered by this NSW government initiative. You do not receive the balance of the $100 to spend elsewhere.

If the registration fee is above $100 see example below.

Netball Fee $163

Active Kids Voucher applied (less $100)

Total payment due in myNetball is in this example $63

Please continue to keep an eye out for further information regarding Active Kids Initiative

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